Quality Standards

European Contact Centre Quality Standard

May 2009

In 2007, we introduced CCMA members to the European Contact Centre Quality Standard.

The European Committee (established by CEN www.cen.eu) have met several times across various European cities between 2007 - 2009.

In preparation for each of the European Meetings, the Irish Committee co-ordinated by the NSAI (Ireland’s national member of CEN www.nsai.ie), met a number of times to review each of the drafts of the Standard sent to all European Countries and provided comments to CEN (European Committee for Standardization) so that the next European meeting could take place. These comments and opinions provided input into how we would like the European Contact Centre Standard to look.

At the European Meetings, the Irish Committee provided representation for our CCMA members & the Irish Contact Centre Industry.

Following last year's meeting in Dublin Ireland, which was sponsored by CCMA & ESB, the standard moved into what is known as the 'Enquiry Stage', i.e. pre-European Standard, where final comments were sought from EU member countries call centre industries.

The European committee met in February 2009 in Paris to review the final comments received. The Paris meeting was successful with the standard now progressing into its final voting stage. A significant amount of work has been completed by the Irish Committee to date. Thanks to our Irish Committee for their continued work on the European Quality Standard over the past number of years in representing CCMA members & the Irish Contact Centre Industry.

The Irish Committee members are – Denis Cambridge (ESB), Emer Coyle (CCMA), Anne-Marie Quinlan (Friends First), Martin Phelan (BT) and Martin Muldowney (VHI).

Summary of Next Steps

June 09 Launch of Formal Vote
August 09 End of Formal Vote
November 09 Publication of Standard

Any enquiries in relation to the European Contact Centre Quality Standard, please do not hesitate to contact info@ccma.ie

Kind Regards
Emer Coyle