Drive Fast and Efficient Digital Self-Service Across Your Enterprise

Learn How Intelligent Knowledge Management Helps.

Pascal Gauvrit

CTO Eptica with partners Wren Data

Technology and Innovation leaders are invited to learn how Eptica, in partnership with Wren Data, have helped leading enterprises manage increased customer expectation and satisfaction in providing intelligent self-service solutions which leverage customer data, and are supported by natural language processing and sophisticated cognitive learning technologies. This results in significantly improved efficiencies, empowered staff and a highly self-sufficient, engaged customers across web, mobile and any messaging channels.

There is an opportunity for your company to discuss and learn from industry-recognised specialists, Mr. Pascal Gauvrit, CTO, and his colleagues at Eptica, as the content is designed to assist you and your organisation to evaluate the impact cognitive learning and natural language processing technologies are going to have on your business, customers and staff.

If you would like to learn more or attend this event please register here.

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