CCMA Members Forum - Blizzard Entertainment -Harnessing the Hivemind - Converging crowd-sourced knowledge with cutting-edge Technology

Join us at Blizzard Entertainment’s Cork campus and see how the team have harnessed the expertise of their dedicated Game Masters and created a knowledge-driven support platform. You’ll learn about the journey the team took to create this tool, including the planning, engagement, tool refinement and challenges faced on this multi-year project. Blizzard Entertainment, The Atrium, Blackpool, Cork.
May 30th 2018


Blizzard Entertainment, The Atrium, Blackpool, Cork. 


The Blizzard CS team will showcase the logistical and technical hurdles they cleared to ensure their knowledge-centred support platform was fit to support their unique suite of award-winning computer games, and keep their dedicated players happy.

The team will also outline the next steps in their plan to develop the platform further, including allowing their customers to contribute their knowledge to the database.


The agenda will be as follows:
• Introduction to Blizzard Entertainment.
• Hivemind: why and how we worked to build a crowd-sourced knowledge-based platform with cutting-edge technology.
• The challenges faced moving to an internal crowd-sourced solution.
• Measuring the successes, building on the feedback.
• Results achieved and current state.
• The future of the platform.

This event will begin with registration at 9.30 a.m. and conclude with a tour of the centre of lunch finishing at 1.00 p.m. 




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