Conversational Interfaces Goes Stateside as Webio Expands into the US

Dublin Monday, 11th September 2017:  One of the world's leading innovative small business lending marketplaces with a track record of lending over $4 billion and generating over 87,000 jobs globally has selected Webio to introduce a new conversational approach that will transform how they engage with customers.

Moving from traditional channels to deploying Webio's conversational middleware, Webio's first US client will have the ability to engage with customers via their preferred channels and significantly impact customer experience, reduce contact costs while improving overall engagement performance.


The success of the Webio bid hinged upon the proven success of the Webio team in implementing conversational messaging solutions and the core functionality of the platform to manage millions of customer conversations over numerous channels, and across multiple divisions within the organisation. Coupled with its inbound and outbound campaign capabilities and the ability of Webio's AI Bots to automate complete or partial conversations, Webio's solution was ahead of other technology providers being clearly able to deliver the speed, efficiency and improved customer experience across the complete customer journey.

Initially revamping their SMS messaging capabilities by deploying two-way SMS Conversations for inbound and outbound engagement, the company will quickly follow by introducing Messenger and other messaging apps.
Campaign results have been very positive with the Sales and Marketing and Account Management teams.  Both seeing immediate benefits and in particular, the Account Management team that is responsible for client engagement and credit management have achieved significant results.


Commenting on this move stateside, Webio CEO, Cormac O'Neill said: "We are delighted to partner with such a distributive and innovate company as we look to bring our Conversational Middleware to the US market.  As much as it is an endorsement of our current product offering, it's our vision for the future that really excites our client. Enterprise to consumer engagement is fundamentally changing and Financial Services companies have had to find new ways to interact with customers because customers have higher convenience expectations and thus will require solutions that go beyond the skills and tools available today."

"We recognise that customers will soon communicate with Enterprises through their own Virtual Assistants via voice activated devices like Alexa, Google Home and Siri as well as across texted based apps such as Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp. At Webio we are ensuring that Enterprises are ready for the needs of today and into the future."



About Webio
Intelligent Customer Engagement Made Easy
Webio’s conversational interface uses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline inbound and outbound customer engagement across new and existing channels (incl. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Viber, Telegram etc.) 

Webio’s Chatbots work alongside agents assisting them in making quick, decisive, outcomes based customer responses. Learning and automating with every interaction, Chatbots improve agent productivity by automating low- value interactions and seamlessly engaging agents for more complex higher-value conversations.

Customers are more demanding than ever.  Their engagement expectations have increased exponentially and business is struggling to manage. Customers have more power but with Webio’s conversational interface, AI Chabots and intelligent engagement platform, adapting to this change couldn’t be easier.